Airline Disruption Management

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We’ve simplified airline disruption management for your company

“If you want to be a Millionaire, start with a billion dollars, and launch a new airline.”

This quote, which is attributed to business magnate Richard Branson, perfectly encapsulates how volatile the airline industry is. There is simply no telling when an airlines’ operations will be disrupted due to unforeseen reasons.
Given how much money this costs the aviation industry annually ($60 billion) and how much ire it draws from customers, airline disruption management is a topic worth exploring in detail.

What is Airline Disruption?

Airline passenger looking at the flight timetable on board
Airline disruption is when a scheduled flight is either delayed for two or more hours or canceled within 48 hours of its departure time. Every year, millions of passengers (140 million) suffer because of irregular operations (IROPs) of airlines.
When flights get canceled, consumers, on average, must shell out $250 per person to rebook their flights. Besides, for every journey, an airline must fork out $4,000 on average when there is flight disruption. Apart from this, there are also other costs to consider, such as passenger accommodation that heighten the loss incurred by the airline.
Owing to the ability of disruptions to drive up airline operation costs through the roof, their effective management has become mission-critical for flight operations over the world. Also, given how unpredictable they are, the aviation industry is yet to reach a point where they can quickly mitigate the effects of a disrupted flight.

The most common causes of airline disruption

Disruptions are quite common in the airline industry and are caused by a host of reasons, namely:

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Airline disruption’s impact on the aviation industry

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Due to the competitive nature of the airline sector, airlines must constantly reimagine the customer experience that they are serving up.
A large part of a great customer support experience is the effectiveness with which the companies are managing the disruptions.
Lacking a coherent strategy to deal with disruptions, which are quite common in the industry, can lead airlines to face the following issues.

Being passenger-centric during an airline disruption

Although there are a lot of complications that an airline must deal with during a flight disruption, it would serve them well to prioritize their customers for the reasons mentioned above.
Most customers expect prompt updates about delays or cancellations and failing to do this will lead them to leave bad reviews all through the internet.
To provide passenger-centric service, airlines need to implement multi-channel customer support that is provided by a multi-lingual team that specializes in airline disruption management.
Airline cabins - section image for passenger-centric during airline disruption

What is airline disruption management?

Airline disruption management involves providing customers with real-time updates on cancellations and delays in their flight schedule and enabling them to rebook or get a refund on their tickets during flight disruptions either on their own or by interacting with a customer support representative or chatbot.
From the previous section, it must be clear that handling disruptions without much escalation from the customers is a crucial aspect of ensuring an airline’s sustained success. Here are a few means employed by airlines to ensure that customers can access quick support or even help themselves if they choose to.

We’ve simplified airline disruption management for your company

Airline Disruption Management Software Par Excellence for Airlines’ Stress-reducing communication with customers

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Provide your customers with a hassle-free rescheduling, rebooking, or cancellation experience by leveraging the power of our advanced AI chat-bots and self-service portal.
When it comes to dealing with airline disruptions, Voyager Aid brings you enhanced agent productivity, self-service, and customer satisfaction.
When there is any disruption in the airline schedule, your clients will be instantly notified via personalized email and text.
From there, your clients have the option of rebooking, rescheduling, or availing a refund to the payment method of choice—all in a seamless manner.

Means of providing stress-free customer support during disruptions

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Essential Features of Voyager Aid for Airline Disruption Management

Do not lose out on customers, revenue, and operation efficiency because of delays in notifying customers of airline disruption. Keep your customers informed of flight cancellations and delays and cater to all their airline disruption-based needs with these amazing features:

AI-powered chatbot for effortless Airline Disruption Management

Our airline disruption management solution is equipped with powerful AI that instantly caters to your customers’ needs based on the query.
Notably, your customers can have their complaints, feedback, and queries attended to using an agent or a robot no matter what channels they are using to reach you.
Due to the software’s ability to send messages that are tailored to the mood of the customer and the exact grievance, your team is assured to be hyper-productive.
With the intelligent system that can automatically send messages and create tickets, you will never miss an email or message from your customer.
Save substantial amounts of money on manpower and soft costs resulting from the lack of trust that will come because of bad customer service.
Airline AI Chatbot shown in the mobile app of VoyagerAid

Easy to use integrated booking engine

Laptop with dashboard representing the integrated booking engine for handling airline disruptions
Due to the solution’s integration with the reservation system, your customers have the luxury of rebooking or getting a refund on their tickets on the same platform.
It does not matter where the request came from; whether it is email, Chat, phone calls, websites, or social media accounts, Voyager Aid can bring it all under one platform for your team to deal with.

Unparalleled user management and smart ticketing system

Seamless user management allows you to create and manage different users with distinct privileges based on your need.
Given how efficiently our software sorts the complaints based on the type, you can also provide exceptional support to your customers with a small team, saving you a lot of money.
Owing to the smart ticketing system, you can further avoid the embarrassment of having two different agents answering the same ticket—the system detects and warns you if two agents are occupied with the same request.
Desktop with magnified glass representing the smart ticketing system with VoyagerAid

Unparalleled user management and smart ticketing system

Question mark with a passenger banner image - user management and airline ticketing system
With Voyager Aid, you can store, manage, and disseminate vital information within seconds to your customer, clarifying their pressing queries.
Make your agents’ life easy and serve customers with quick and automated responses.
Using the knowledge base that includes how-to guides, use cases, travel advisory, etc., you can instantly give your customers what they are looking for when it comes to commonly asked questions. You can further personalize these canned responses with the customers’ names and ticket status.

Advanced reporting features to gauge customer satisfaction and support team performance

To bolster your airline disruption management efforts over time, Voyager Aid provides you with customizable reports and a live interactive dashboard of your agents’ performance, and details of how satisfied the customer was with the interaction.
Cost-effectively, you can also track the status of customer requests at any stage.
Moreover, you can accurately track the SLAs set by various customers and even put your customer support data to good use for creating the optimal experience for your customer.
Larger Vector Image of Laptop with dashboard and an employee working on it- VoyagerAid

Benefits of streamlined airline disruption management for airlines and customers

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Airline disruption management and its relation to customer experience

According to a whitepaper by Forbes Insights and Sabre, leveraging newer, more potent technology for customer experience and operational performance is at the top of the list of priorities for airline executives around the world. As more and more tech-savvy companies enter the fray, airline companies will be increasingly drawn to boosting customer loyalty.
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