Airline chatbot for hassle-free customer service

The AI-powered airline chatbot from VoyagerAid can reliably respond to passenger questions automatically and instantaneously, leaving your support staff free to handle only the most challenging of requests. This will save you a ton of time and money while also delighting your customers.
Interaction between AI-chatbot and airline passenger during airline disruption
Interaction between AI-chatbot and airline passenger during airline disruption

Turn your customer frustration into delight

When a customer calls in with an issue, the last thing he/she wants is to be on hold, waiting for a customer support executive. Most of the support requests are similar, so they can be automatically responded to using the VoyagerAid airline chatbot. Undoubtedly, this will save you money and time. Further, your customer support executives can spend time dealing with only the most challenging of tickets, which will ensure that the passengers get optimal resolutions.
Social media and other customer support channels - Benefits of having an airline disruption management software

Provide 24x7 support across all channels in a seamless manner

Chat banner image - Automated response to the disruptions

Respond automatically to your customers with the latest info


Scale up your customer service without having to hire more agents

Infographic for airline executive productivity tracking - VoyagerAid

Ensure your agents are hyper-productive without micromanaging

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Features of the best-in-class airline chatbot


Multichannel integration

Without compromise in the quality of the service, airline chatbots can address queries on your customer’s favorite platform. Regardless of whether the customer prefers social media, phone, chat, or email, VoyagerAid can provide seamless customer service across all channels.

Intelligent management of tickets

VoyagerAid will also help travel companies and airlines to prioritize the incoming tickets regardless of volume automatically. Also, it allows you to categorize and assign tickets to the right department or agent without confusion, ensuring quick and satisfactory issue resolution.

Detection of agent collision

Our solution is further equipped to understand when two agents are resolving or viewing the same ticket, preventing major embarrassment for the company and a waste of time for the passenger. Our system can further reassign the ticket based on priority.

Smart canned responses

VoyagerAid can instantly send canned messages to customers.Notably, you can respond to a large number of common questions with pre-composed responses without compromising the quality of the responses, which will delight customers.
Performance insights - dashboard and reports - VoyagerAid

Useful performance insights

VoyagerAid provides you with deep insights into how well your helpdesk and agents are doing. From the interactive dashboard, you can also find the information you want quite easily. Additionally, the reports that are generated can be customized to the requirement of the management.
Three colored bar charts and airline passengers sitting on each bar - An illustration for the knowledge base available in the portal

Comprehensive and updated knowledge base

You can reduce the number of customer support calls and emails with a knowledge base that allows your passengers to serve themselves. Another remarkable feature of the knowledge base is that it enables customers to get instant and updated information about your services.
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Ultimate benefits of VoyagerAid

Streamlined customer conversations

Thanks to multichannel integration, you can answer all your customer queries in one place now. Because of this, the customer can reach you through the channel of convenience. The omnichannel AI will take care of the issue in no time. For your customer support team, this means less chaos. Undoubtedly, this will boost the airline’s bottom line.

Quicker response time

You will rarely have a frustrated passenger after implementing VoyagerAid. The smart ticketing system will ensure that the incoming tickets are sent to the right agent for resolution. It also takes care of prioritizing the tickets and promptly resolves them based on how urgent they are.

Less manpower cost

The AI-based system is also tireless. Round the clock, it can handle customer support requests without any hassle regardless of the volume. This means that the airline can save money by hiring fewer people without any compromise on the quality of customer support that is provided.

Customer self-service

Using the AI chatbot, airline customers can take care of actions, such as rebooking or getting a refund, by themselves. This frees up the customer service agents from repetitive tasks and allows them to focus on the more pressing requests.

Zero room for error

Even the most trained support professionals can make errors when support request volumes are up. This doesn’t occur with our intelligent AI system; it perfectly identifies the issue the customer has brought up and goes on to rectify it. If at all there is any further clarification that the passenger needs, the system will direct the conversation to a human agent.

Rein in the chaos of agent collision

When two or more agents mistakenly work on the same ticket, it leads to major confusion. Also, it makes the airline look unprofessional in front of the passenger. Avoid all this with the advanced system that checks in real-time if a ticket is being handled by more than one agent. Consequently, the agents have more time on their hands to deal with challenging tickets, and the airline can save its reputation.
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Frequently asked questions

Types of chatbots

  • Intelligent chatbots that use machine learning to recognize various user requests and provide customized replies.
  • Rule-based chatbots are used to answer very specific questions with predefined answers.
  • AI-based chatbots employ a combination of machine learning, natural language processing, and even artificial intelligence to solve user problems.
AI chatbots can remember user preferences and the context of conversations to provide a human-like experience to the customers. Also, there is guaranteed 24X7 support in multiple languages. Additionally, it allows airlines to automate most of the customer support request resolution.

During COVID-19, AI chatbots came to the rescue of airlines by helping them with the following:

  • Engage with customers via platforms they are already invested in, such as social media apps.
  • Round the clock support with a small team by using AI-enabled chatbots
  • Quick responses during disruptions
  • Maintain a team that was highly productive despite a heavy volume of support requests Improved customer satisfaction with a small investment
AI chatbots can remember user preferences and the context of conversations to provide a human-like experience to the customers. Also, there is guaranteed 24X7 support in multiple languages. Additionally, it allows airlines to automate most of the customer support request resolution.
  • More control to passengers with the ability to reschedule/get a refund.
  • Hassle-free and instant customer support for the passenger
  • Better customer experience due to swifter ticket resolution
  • Less money spent by airlines on hiring and training customer support agents
  • More saved time for the airlines because they only have to manually deal with the most challenging tickets.
VoyagerAid’s airline chatbot has unparalleled answering capabilities given its use of AI to understand the customer query. Further, it is tireless and learns from each interaction to constantly improve the service that is provided.
With VoyagerAid, you are responsive to your passengers no matter where they reach you from. It does not matter whether your passenger reaches out via email, social media, chat, or phone. VoyagerAid is equipped to bring all that into one integrated platform and allow you to respond seamlessly.
Apart from tracking, VoyagerAid is also intelligent enough to categorize and prioritize incoming tickets so that the appropriate agent can be assigned to handle them.
Yes, you can constantly add to your knowledge base.
You can get extensive reports on each agent’s/ department’s performance. Further, you can view how well your helpdesk is running and how satisfied your customers are with the resolutions they are receiving.
This will not happen thanks to the advanced agent collision detection technology that VoyagerAid is equipped with. The agents will be able to view how many people are working on or replying to a particular ticket, which will prevent any awkward instances of collision.