Travel agency CRM that retains more
customers and maximizes upselling

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Easy to use integrated booking engine
With the all-new AI-powered VoyagerAid travel agency CRM, the travel agency can gain powerful insights into customer behaviour, engage them meaningfully with personalized trips, and delight them with stellar customer service.


VoyagerAid is more than a CRM— with their integrated tools, I have been able to effortlessly provide personalized service every single time and watch as my bottom-line exploded because of enhanced agent productivity.”

- VoyagerAid customer of 2 years

Multichannel integration

Customers can reach you through your website, social media, email, or phone for clarifications, bookings, and even raising complaints. With multichannel integration, you can handle all your interactions with customers in a single platform, giving you the following benefits:
Clock symbol for turnaround time after using VoyagerAid

Reduce the turnaround time to respond to customers

Three-star review icon for the exceptional customer experience with VoyagerAid

Convert more bookings with exceptional customer experience

Calendar and mobile app vector image - Delight customers with a seamless booking experience in the platform of their choice

Delight customers with a seamless booking experience in the platform of their choice

Smart ticketing system

Leveraging VoyagerAid’s AI-based ticketing system, travel agents can prioritize and categorize the incoming tickets coming in from multiple sources. This allows you to:
Globe with pins representing how airlines can deal with multiple customers

Deal with customers across multiple channels in an orderly manner

An airline executive assigned to "A" task and another airline executive assigned to "B" task

Assign the incoming tickets accurately to the relevant department/ person

Customer support represents the customer support that's resolved within minutes

Effortlessly resolve customer issues in a matter of minutes

Agent collision detection

VoyagerAid is equipped with the ability to prevent two or more agents from working on the same ticket. As a result, you:
Frustrated robot representing the way airlines skip the embarrassment of errors with VoyagerAid

Avoid embarrassing your company in front of customers

Anti-clock vector image for the boosted productivity

Boost agent productivity by up to 3 times

Gear and clock icon with an up arrow for increased productivity and faster resolutions

Save time for the customer with lightning-fast resolutions

Canned responses

VoyagerAId has the striking ability to deliver canned responses to common questions so that the customer feels acknowledged. VoyagerAid CRM can go as far as resolving common issues for customers automatically without an agent’s involvement. Consequently, you can:
Desktop with question mark symbol for the automated common questions with VoyagerAid

Save agents massive amounts of time by automating common questions

Airline passenger and customer chat vector image

Make do with fewer agents and save up to 40 percent

Question and answer section on the desktop indicating the quality information in airlines

Send high-quality responses that have been meticulously curated

Knowledge base

The knowledge base feature lets you store updated and precise information on the latest developments in the travel industry that customers can access on their own. From this you benefit by:
Desktop with information symbol at the top indicating the latest news at the airline customer's fingertips

Keeping customers informed of the latest news

Customer support icon that shows the saved time by not having to answer common queries by airline passengers

Help agents save time by not having to answer common queries

The request management icon represents the cut down on the number of support requests

Cut down on the number of support requests significantly

Custom reports and analytics

Using VoyagerAid’s analytics feature, you can gauge accurately how your customer experience is. Besides, it shows you how productive your agents are. With these power-packed insights, you can:
Flowchart section image for the enhanced customer support process after implementing VoyagerAid

Enhance your customer support process

Three-star bulleted bar chart for easier identification of high-performing agents with VoyagerAid

Identify and reward top-performing agents

Coins bar image with upsurge curve representing maximized revenue

Maximize revenue by seizing opportunities for upselling.

Retain 40% more of your customers with the world’s leading travel agent CRM.

Go one step closer to unparalleled customer service.

Go one step closer to unparalleled customer service.