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Choose the state-of-art technology tool in the travel trade to create the best experience for your customers!

Take care of your customers; otherwise, someone else will!

VoyagerAid is a customer support software that helps you provide seamless customer service excellence at various touchpoints. Support your customers with faster interactions, quicker response, and more productive relationships to support your travel business’s growth.
The handiest tool VoyagerAid, takes care of all your customer queries with its AI and intuitive architecture.

Multichannel Integration

Deliver instant support at the customers’ doorstep. Support your customers through the channel they use to contact you. Unify all the email, chat, and phone or social media onto a single platform to build unique interactive customer experience.
Smart ticket management - Sample screenshot of airline customer support during disruption

Smart Ticket Management

Our smart ticket system automatically tracks, prioritizes and transforms your entire customer query into tickets. Get rid of the burden of assigning tickets manually to available support agents and save time with increased ease.

Knowledge Base

Deliver instant and precise answers for repetitive end-user requests/inquiries with help guides, how-tos, and FAQs. You can deliver what all your customers want and when they need it.

Canned Responses

Canned responses can reply quickly to similar questions; they save time spent on countless emails. The system triggers immediate acknowledgment to the customer according to the reassurance of a solution.

Custom Reports & Analytics

The custom reports and analytics support you in gaining real-time insights into customer queries & support team performance based on derivative metrics.
Customized reports and analytics - airline disruption handling

Why choose VoyagerAid

Easy to set up

VoyagerAid is a web-based installation allowing quick install & instant run. Easy to implement by just a single sign up

Highly flexible

Voyager Aid is very flexible and easy to deploy, you can use 24/7 online service portals, robust knowledgebase, online communities and intuitive FAQ searches

Customizability & Reliability

Our helpdesk software is fully customizable. You can easily create an impressive and fully functional help centre and a knowledgebase that suits your travel business

Time-saving & Error-free

With help of VoyagerAid you can maintain a smaller support team and save money by reducing the labour overheads. It obviates human errors and enhances the customer experience

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