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Airline chatbot are revolutionizing the aviation industry one automated response at a time

airline chatbot

The advent of airline chatbot has arguably been one of the best things to happen to the aviation industry. Owing to airlines’ increasing ability to automate their customer support with intelligent, AI-powered chatbot, they have seen massive spikes in operational efficiency, customer support representative productivity, and revenue as well.

What is a chatbot?

A program that is capable of simulating and processing human conversation is what is referred to as a chatbot. They can communicate with us through speech or the written word, which gives the impression that we are interacting with a real person.


Since the first chatbots came out in 1966, they have evolved a lot. Depending on the application, you can find chatbots of varying complexities; there are ones that can answer only elementary questions with one-word answers and intelligent chatbots that can answer complex queries by learning from the conversation.

Types of airlines chatbots

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Commonly, three types of airline chatbots are in use today.

Intelligent chatbots

They use machine learning to recognize various user requests and provide customized replies. Over time, they adapt to provide better responses based on the user’s questions.

Rule-based chatbots

They are quite limited in the scope of their usage. Mainly, they are used to answer very specific questions with predefined answers. Examples are the chatbots used for qualifying leads or providing customers with an interactive experience when it comes to FAQs.

AI-based chatbots

They employ a combination of machine learning, natural language processing, and even artificial intelligence to solve user problems. Notably, they can remember user preferences and the context of conversations to provide a human-like experience.

What is airline chatbot? — an introduction

The airline sector has also kept up with other industries when it comes to implementing chatbots for enhancing customer experience and other applications as well. With the use of AI, airlines have gotten to the point where their customer support requests are handled faster. Chatbots find great application in the airline industry largely due to their versatility.

For customers, airline chatbots have come as a great boon; they can now get their queries answered in real-time and with a lot of accuracy, find flight information, and book tickets as well.

Given how stress-free all of this has become, passengers are also delighted with the airlines, which has helped the companies foster great relationships with their patrons.

The role of chatbots in enhancing customer experience in the airline sector

The last thing a passenger wants to do is wait in a queue while trying to reach customer service when their flights have been delayed or canceled. Even if nothing is wrong with the flights, hearing an irritating tone while being on hold is an unpleasant experience.


Chatbots are changing that. In just a few steps, customers can quickly book, reschedule, or cancel flights and even get their questions answered.

The best part is that the airline does not have to pay an army of support agents for this. It is all automated, and customer issues are cleared in a matter of seconds in most cases.

Apart from these basic functions, here are a few ways airline chatbots make customers' life easy.

customer experience airline chatbot

Passengers are in control

When there are instances like flight disruptions, passengers may experience the worst possible feeling—not being in control of their schedule.


Chatbots, which are equipped to provide passengers with quick updates on everything related to flights and enable them to rebook or reschedule automatically, can go a long way in making them feel in control.


Also, chatbots can provide a variety of customization options, such as inflight meals.

How chatbots saved the airline sector during the covid-19 pandemic

As the pandemic disrupts flights across the world, leaving a sea of passengers frustrated, airlines are having to deal with soaring customer support requests. The situation is made worse by the fact that lockdowns and travel restrictions have forced much of the support staff to work from home. Given this scenario, airlines are turning to chatbots and other AI-based digital technology to keep up with the rise in customer complaints. 

 In the following ways, airlines benefited massively using airline chatbot technology.


  • Engage with customers via platforms they are already invested in, such as social media apps.

  • Round the clock support with a small team by using AI-enabled chatbots

  • Quick responses during disruptions

  • Maintain a team that was highly productive despite a heavy volume of support requests

  • Improved customer satisfaction with a small investment

Challenges in implementing airline chatbots across the industry

Chatbot implementation in the airline sector is guaranteed to improve operations and elevate customer experience as well. 

However, implementing chatbots is easier said than done due to the following challenges. Apart from these basic functions, here are a few ways airline chatbots make customers' life easy.

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Since the technology is relatively new, it may sometimes cost a lot to get an airline chatbot solution that is scalable and takes care of all your customer support needs.


So, before making a purchase, you need to weigh the cost of the AI-based airline chatbot solution against the value it is adding to your business.

Our Solution

As part of Infiniti’s mission to help airlines deal with customer issues more effectively, we have designed the perfect solution for all your customer service woes—VoyagerAid airline chatbot.

How VoyagerAid’s omnichannel AI chatbot for airlines can transform your operations 

Airline chatbot features

Omnichannel support airline chatbot

What if there was a way to reach your customers in the place that they find most convenient? VoyagerAid allows you to do exactly that. Whether it is social media accounts, mobile phones, or email, our AI-powered solution makes it easy for your passengers to reach you instantly.



Your travel agents can conveniently access all these queries in one place and resolve them if they get too complicated. However, in most cases, our AI takes care of the tickets for you.

Tangible gains that VoyagerAid airline chatbot can deliver

Airline chatbot benefits

Quick customer support

No matter which channels your customer prefers, VoyagerAid’s multi-channel integration means that your customers’ queries will be dealt with in real-time on social media, email, phone, or chat.


In essence, the airline chatbot allows you to provide your customers with appropriate support at their desired time and place.

Enhanced agent productivity

Your agents deal with new and challenging requests from customers from time to time.


Allow them to dedicate their time towards dealing with these customers rather than getting bogged down by repetitive queries.


The canned response feature that VoyagerAid has lets you do exactly that!

Substantially reduced manpower cost

With the AI-powered airline chatbot, you can save a lot of money when it comes to labor costs.


Because our solution automates your daily workflow, tracks customer requests across platforms, and automatically converts them into tickets, you can give your customers an interactive experience with a small support team.

Fewer errors

Despite our best intentions, humans are prone to making errors, especially while performing mundane, repetitive tasks. Also, it is possible for multiple agents in your support team to mistakenly address the same tickets.


We have automated the entire process from ticket generation to resolution to prevent such mishaps.


With VoyagerAid, the agents will know if a ticket is being resolved by another agent. Moreover, automated responses to frequently asked customer questions will ensure that there is no erroneous recommendation made to the passengers because of human error.


Airline chatbots are helping the aviation sector usher in a new era of exceptional customer service. Now is the ideal time for your company to jump on the bandwagon and reap the benefits of automating your support requests from customers.

Get a VoyagerAid demo and see for yourself what a reliable airline chatbot can do for your bottom-line.